Saturday, 4 February 2012

Art is god's gift,it may be painting,dancing,singing etc

Saturday - Feb4,2012

 I went to class 5 minutes before with all pooja items to handover to Guru.This is an offering & praying to god indirectly.Guru said that we should offer flowers,coconuts,any cloth piece,fruit,rice,jaggery and some money which came as  a practice when one joins his class.
I offered him and took his blessings he then asked me "Do you have touch with Bharatanatyam?,I observed the way you are performing so I am asking this",Then i proudly said "Yes but as i learnt in school i know all the steps but they didnt teach us the names of the steps so I came here to learn again from basics".As conversation I came to know that he is working in same company where my husband does.He then said "I am feeling very happy after listening to u ,u came here to learn dance after ur marriage,Thats really great".He again asked me "Till when you want to continue?" I have no answer but I said "My dream is to perform outside or any temple,I did performances in school but I want to perform outside".He felt very happy again.
Later when class has started he was preparing students mind to concentrate on dance by telling some words and experiences.He said"Moving the parts is not dance,Soul should dance.You have done some good in your past births so you have got chance to come here and learn dance.Dance is not so easy that every one can learn.One should have that determination,commitment.Any Art is really a god's gift".He then said to all students that "Satya told her dream I felt very  happy,like her one should have some aim ,intention".I FELT PROUD as I am human.
As some students has exam next sunday he made them to prepare for that.
Today we have practicing below Adavus
1.Tattu Adavu
2.Mettu Adavu
3.Natu Adavu
4.Yegaru Tattu Adavu
5.Yegaru Mettu Adavu
6.Tattu Mettu Adavu
7.Jaaru Adavu.
8.Yegaru Kattu Adavu
In the above 7 Adavus,there are again different types of steps.Wil dicuss later.
Sunday-  Also we were practicing same adavus.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Dancing is paining

Hi Friends,
Saturday and Sunday guru did not teach us any new steps as there is an exam for seniors , so he is making them to be prepared for exam.But As I know steps I was able to follow them.
Sunday guru made us to do some excercise which are really useful to increase stamina and to get perfection in the steps.He made us to sit in bharatanatyam dance position(ara mandi) and started counting from 1 to 150.Thats was really paining and I used to stand frequently as the pain was unbearable.Also doing the steps continously is really painful.
I will start practicing.I will sit in ara mandi daily by increasing the count day by day.Will see whether there will be any improvement.My aim is to see myself in bharatanatyam costume and perform atleast once in temple thought its  a group or solo.When i was studying I am very afraid to do solo performance so my teachers made me to be in the middle and other girls beside me.Now I will not fear,only dance is in my mind than anything else.In the 2 hours class I wil not remember anything,I feel very relaxed keeping all my pressures ,tensions everything aside.
Mainly I have to increase my stamina.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

First Day of Class

Jan21,2012 - My First Class
        Today I went to dance class with happiness in heart as I got a chance to do what I want and love.Wherever I go I will definetely meet telugu people and today as usual I met one girl name Sandhya that too  she belongs to VIZAG my home town.And one more lady(she got married and have kids too) also knows telugu as his husband from VIZAG.What a coincidence,I felt really happy as I can talk in my mother tongue ;-).
      Guru came late but seniors(people who joined prior to me) started with prayer,namaskara and few steps.Meanwhile guru has arrived and appreciated seniors for handling the class without wasting time by chitchatting.After he arrived he again started with prayer and namaskara.
      Namaskara which I learnt previous is different than this but the concept is same,Offering namasthe to Earth,Guru,Parents and audience.
     After that we will take Gurus blessings and then start with warm-up steps with samapada adavu.Later We will take our positions that is ardhamandali as u see in the below image.This is the position in which every step is performed in Bharatanatyam.
studio stile bharatanatyam

   Guru told we will also get chance to perform in the audience :-) I am so excited about that as I miss those olden days when we were performing and getting a huge applause from audience.Though the craze for traditional dance is little down in this new era, there are many people who like classical songs and classical dance.Also performing in temples before the divine is a great oppurtunity.
Lets see how my class will be tomorrow :-) But I am afraid to tell my Guru that I want leave next week :-P as soon as I join.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Its Just a Beginning

Hi Friends,

Today, Jan14th 2012 I went for a demo class in Rythms Institute of Arts to learn bharatanatyam.After going there I felt very excited but observed that Guru(Vijay Kumar) is too strict.And As I am fat I thought my energy wouldnot be sufficient to learn bharatanatyam.But I love bharatanatyam so I am fixed in my mind that I will continue learning bharatanatyam even if I get pain.

I have started this blog for all Bharatanatyam lovers.I will be posting whatever I learnt everyweek.